Monday, September 14, 2009

Procrastinating While Journaling

This is supposed to be a journal for my striving towards a more organized PhD life; although I have been blogging about what has been keeping me from doing so. Here are some tips for myself that should outline my plan on breaking my habitual procrastination:
  • Change your mindset: Try to see that things are much better when they are done as soon as possible; and delaying does hardly help.
  •  Do daily / weekly / monthly / yearly plans: Make sure that you plan your day and execute the plan immediately, without any delay.
  • Follow up with your plan: By following up with what you have done to accomplish your plans, make sure you are on top of things.
  • Be wise on time allocation: In your plan, specifically mention what you need to accomplish. For example, do not say "I'll work on the paper;" rather, say: "I'll work on generating graphs for the data I've collected in my simulations."
So, these are some of the stuff that might help me. I'll try to keep my loyal readers (:P) updated on the topic.

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